"If you can imagine it, i can carve it"


Embrace your Passion


I hand carve images in electric guitars.  I am thankful & fortunate to have my work recognized locally, nationally and internationally over the past 20 years.  It is an honor to see these guitars featured in magazines and books, on DVD's, concert videos, YouTube and TV specials.  They have appeared at national music trade shows and are currently used in studio sessions and live on-stage performances throughout the country.  While I am proud of all those things, I remain forever humbled by the incredible talents of those who have influenced me and who I continue to learn from.       

Vinnie Ricotta


Music and art combine

   "A bonus for me is sharing these experiences with my family & friends.  It's a privilege to be in the audience or back stage during a concert when one of my guitars are being played.  Seeing & hearing  them brought to life by the talents of the musicians who play them is what makes this such a gratifying art form."