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"Ricotta Custom” guitars have been featured in:


  1. 2019 (October)  Chris Cassone films All Star BBQ Video with San Diego Chicken playing his Custom Ricotta "Lil" Squealer" Telecaster
  2. 2019 (August) Erie County Fair features Ricotta Custom Guitars
  3. 2018 (January) (NAMM) National Association of Music Merchants international      trade show Anaheim Ca. Featured in the "108 ROCK STAR      GUITAR" booth - (Lisa Johnson) - International Celebrity      Guitar Photographer and Author of world class book - "108 Rock Star      Guitars"
  4. 2018 (February) Guitar Aficionado      Magazine - Features Bo Diddley "BoCaster"
    2015 (July) Darien Lake Performing      Arts Center - STYX - James JY Young debuts "Lady      Medusa" custom carved strat.
  5. 2015 (March 17th) AXS TV Concert series STYX - Featured on "Come Sail      Away"
  6. 2015 (January) (NAMM) National Association of Music      Merchants international trade show Anaheim Ca. Featured      in the "108 ROCK STAR GUITAR" booth - (Lisa      Johnson) - International Celebrity Guitar Photographer / Author of the world class book - "108 Rock Star Guitars"
  7. 2010-2014 "Palladia"-TV's concert programming      channel.  STYX Grand Illusion/Pieces of Eight Tour
  8. 2014 (October) AXS TV Music Concert channel  STYX  "Come Sail  Away"
  9. 2013 (October)"108 ROCK STAR GUITARS Book" STYX's James JY Young's "Cerberus Caster"guitar featured in Lisa S. Johnson's book (Celebrity Guitar Photographer)
  10. 2014 - Worldwide Associated Press
  11. 2011 - STYX Concert DVD  "Grand      Illusion / Pieces of Eight LIVE.  See the custom built "CerberusCaster" guitar owned by STYX original      band member & co-founder guitarist James (JY) Young
  12. 2006 - National Woodcarving Association magazine "Chip      Chats"
  13. 2013 - Chris Cassone's BBQ All Stars CD with Chris Cassone and Friends
  14. 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018,2019 Woodcarving Exhibit Honors

Guitar Aficionado Magazine 2018


"When I played a show with Bo in Buffalo, New York, which is my hometown, I invited my cousin Vinnie Ricotta and his family backstage to meet Bo.  When Bo died, I went into a deep depression.  I lost my mentor and best friend and I was feeling so bad I stopped playing music.  A  while later I went to visit Vinnie and he took me into the basement to show me some wood carving projects he was working on.  Off the cuff, I suggested that he should get a guitar body and try carving that.  I thought he blew off my suggestion, but two months later I got a package in the mail.  When I opened it up, inside the box was the body of the Bo-Caster.  When I saw that he carved Bo's face on the body, which was from a photo I had of him looking at me during a concert near the end of his life, I fell to my knees and cried. I ordered a custom-built neck and had everything else custom made as well.  Even the neck plate is acid etched with a drawing of Bo's monument.  [Styx guitarists] James Young suggested that I put a Sustainiac in it.  Bo's spirit is in that guitar."

                                                                                                                                  Charlie Tona